Spring is coming

I can feel this urge to walk out to our backyard and do some garden work. I just need these few hours, in my dirty garden gloves, with shovels, buckets and pots all around me, digging, planting, pruning, whatever – doing some spring work and dreaming about flowers and summer.. Spring is in the air :)

We had a nice walk in Botanical Garden yesterday. Join us :)








3 thoughts on “Spring is coming

  1. Hi Nina, I enjoyed looking at your new photographs although I often also go through the previous selections. The first two here where the focus is on the fresh new leaves are really special and of course I like the one of your daughter, as she pushes her pram (British English perambulator! Try using this word in America!) over the bridge, which is a great shot.

    Have a lovely spring and keep us all up-to-date. Best wishes from Elizabeth

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