365 – Day 130

Day 130

This time we made it to the top. With a stroller. Freezing cold up there. As everywhere around here in the evening. But maybe it’s just me, I’m always cold when it’s below 72. I saw the post on Instagram today, about refreshing California evening breeze. It has to be me.

365 – Day 128

Day 128

I was looking for several peaceful minutes and tried to distract him from exhausting climbing on the playground (you see, I’m quite short, and he likes to climb far above my height). It turned out him digging in the dirt with bare hands is getting on my nerves too. Maybe next time I’ll just close my eyes.

365 – Day 125

Day 125

It looks pretty cozy. Except the color, we don’t agree with my husband. I’m quite happy with it. Because I was the one who painted it (only three times, but it’s really embarrassing, apparently I have some problem with decision-making). Next time it will be his turn.
I’m so lucky Den agreed to make a deck right away. Week ago everything was bare and dirty. And that Hawaiian wizard turned it into this. Now we can have coffee here in the morning.