365 – Day 17

Day 17

This beauty is on sale! If I could think of at least one reason I need it, except its color of course. Not right size for our family either..
Gorgeous day, no rain, it’s a miracle. We had a chance to stop by the playground in Highlands. The swings here are the best. And the birds! A lot of red-winged blackbirds live near storm water pond there. I wish I could see them flying again, it’s magical. I wonder how they can do this synchronous performance with turnings and diving, it looks impossible without some kind of high-tech gear. Maybe it’s like a fish going in schools..


I love Wednesday mornings. They are lazy and hasstle-free. This Wednesday drizzling rain brought Autumn spirit. And I knew it was the day to do rain pictures with Irina and her bear and their matching yellow raincoats. It’s not really her bear, it’s special bear for pictures, but it becomes hers for the whole event, you can imagine her joy each time.
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Spring is coming

I can feel this urge to walk out to our backyard and do some garden work. I just need these few hours, in my dirty garden gloves, with shovels, buckets and pots all around me, digging, planting, pruning, whatever – doing some spring work and dreaming about flowers and summer.. Spring is in the air :)

We had a nice walk in Botanical Garden yesterday. Join us :)

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Stanley Park


We had Canada visas, that were going to expire in February, so we decided to spend couple of days in Vancouver.
I didn’t like the city itself much, but Stanley Park is a beautiful place. We wandered the whole day there, went around the park by the walking path along the water, took some trail in the woods, and finally visited Aquarium. Really busy day, full of new impressions and pictures…
We lived in Marriott not far from the park, so in the evening we just walked home.
Two days away from the kitchen, nice dinners in the restaurants, mornings coffee in some cafe across the street – the best Christmas present :)
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Idylwood park


Maybe I’m cheating a little here again, Idylwood park is not new for us, in fact it was our favorite park about a year ago. But then we moved and came here only a couple of times through the year. So it was kind of new place for us that time. Especially covered with snow! We’ve never seen snow here in Seattle before, it was such a great surprise to wake up in the morning to a white world! And we enjoyed every bit of it. We played in the park even when the rain came, and left only when all thin snow cover was gone and the field was all grass again.

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Ironhorse State Park


Wet snow, wet feet, puddles everywhere, water dripping from pants and jackets – it was fabulous! Snowballs, snowmen, snow dam in the creek, happy faces and laughter – it was sure worth it! Trunk staffed to the roof with wet clothes and sleds given to us by our friends – I need to get used to it, we bought a season pass to the snow park…
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Garden D’Lights


This is Botanical garden again, and all that beauty is called Garden D’Lights. It’s set every year near Christmas, and it’s just amazing!
I could spend the whole night there, stars in the sky, lights on the ground… But it was one of the coldest nights, so we just took rather hurried walk through, and soon our noses and fingers were numb and needed urgent warming. I wanted to come back some other day, but never did, always finding some more important things to do… But the next Christmas this thing will be the first in my todo list!
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Gilman Village


We had real trick-or-treating this year, in proper Halloween costumes and in a nice place – Gilman Village. It’s some sort of mall or rather plaza, styled in country fashion. A lot of stores, restaurants and cafe, hair salons and other services, each residing in its own cozy wooden house – this place has some unique feeling about it.
Every owner was in a costume and had a bucket of candies ready to hand.
We had a half an hour fun, circling the place, trying not to miss even the smallest one. At last kids’ buckets were full, and I felt a little tired of all the crowd and noise.
We need to come back just to have coffee in some cozy place…
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Yogurtland is a nice place for some ice-cream. I like the idea of such places – you take a plastic container and fill it with whatever flavors of ice-cream you like, then you can add some fruits or candies on top (or in my son’s case you usually add some ice-cream on top of gummy-bears, m&ms and other candy). You pay by weight, and usually it’s quite cheap and really tasty.
My favorite flavor is blackberry, Pasha prefers “just plain ice-cream” which means vanilla, and Irina is happy with any flavor as long as she choose it by herself.
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